Whey Elite Force + Amino Pool




Fitcrops Whey Elite Force

Fitcrops Whey Elite Force is a great-tasting, high-quality, whey protein formula. This is a premium Ultra and Microfiltrated Whey. It’s packed with an impressive 24g of protein per serving, delivering the protein you need from a high-quality source. WHEY is perfect for athletes who like to add lots of protein calories to their diets without extra fats and carbohydrates. 

WHEY helps support the protein needs of heavy athletic training and helps maintain positive nitrogen balance (PNB). PNB is the perfect environment for muscle growth, recuperation, and repair.

Whey proteins have been enriched by nature with all the essential amino acids, including BCAAs providing the building blocks for new protein. These amino acids improve the turnover of muscle proteins which is very important to athletes. Whey proteins also help in the speedy repairing of injured and torn muscles during practice and performance.

Fitcrops Amino Pool

Essential Amino Acids(EAA) for maximum muscle recovery. Fitcrops EAA is the ultimate inter and intra-workout energy infusion. It provides all of the essential amino acids required for muscle protein synthesis.

EAA boosts performance and supplies all nine essential amino acids. It enhances recovery, reduces soreness, and helps you resist muscle protein breakdown. Loaded with extra-strength concentrated electrolytes, clinical essential amino acids provide perfect hydration during and after an intense workout.