FITCROPS is an initiative inspired by THE ARMED FORCES. The passion of our armed forces to protect our country drives us to contribute towards the health of our aspiring fitness enthusiasts.

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What Our Clients Says

I haven’t tasted a better mango flavor with whey protein. Fitcrops whey mango Is one of the best. And now when it comes to the results part, its actually works as I am not feeling tired post workout once I take the whey. So great product.

Karthik Rajkumar

Fitness Enthusiast

Great recovery with the FITCROPS Whey Protein


Gym Owner, Fit Fab

I was feeling tired initially while working out, it was difficult for me to go for longer sessions, fitcrops pre workout & bcaa helped me to actually improve my endurance and I used to feel too good that I was able to workout for longer & go closer to my goals.


Publisher Development Executive, Streamlyn Media

I am in a fat loss program, and I need supplements to balance my diet. Fitcrops Isolate protein just came in my doors at the right time. Now I am happy with my results because my muscle growth is amazing & yeah I am loosing fat as well…kudos to fitcrops, luv it …..

Rahul S Patil


I was a little worried about my physique , as I was too lean. I was just 52 kilos for 18 year old boy. I started going to the gym and there I came across this mass gainer from fitcrops, then I gave it a try, now im really proud that i have gained 5 to 6 kilos in a month with an beautiful flavor , that’s bubblegum…it exactly tastes like the boomer. So felt nostalgic as well….wow…love it

Prajwal H


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